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September 2010

proposal15 Sep 2010 11:37 pm

Joe asked if I would photograph Christine’s reaction as he proposed to her, and I couldn’t say no. What I anticipated would be a special moment was nothing short of one. Joe had planned the setting, he even predicted how Christine would react. To quote him, “she will either cry or tell me to ‘shutup’”. And in Christine’s fashion she did the latter. From behind the bush, I must’ve heard “SHUTUP!” and “WHAT????” at least several times. But it was very clear her answer was undoubtedly, YES! …Or as she put it “ummm-yaaahhhh!!!”

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portraits13 Sep 2010 11:31 pm

Okay, I’ve fallen totally behind with my blogs, but I vow this week to post, post, and post! Wedding and Portrait season has been in full swing so I’ve been shooting, editing, and delivering. I promise to be more creative in finding time to blog. Starting… NOW! Here’s Ms. Cassie! I had the pleasure of meeting and photographing her on an August day, she even shared some of gerber crunch snacks with me! =P

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