Oakland, CA Wedding Photographer: Morgan & Christina

WOW!!!  I flew a great distance to the west coast for this one and boy was it worth the 2500+ mile hike!  Christina & Morgan were married on a perfect Bay Area afternoon in late August.  The entire day was planned to the tee!  My “job” was almost too easy it was criminal!  Great job to the two of you for planning such an AMAZING day.  The colours were beautiful and the backdrop, was more than I could ask for.  Definitely, a change of pace from the DC Area, but still beautiful in its own splendid way!  Thank you Morgan & Christina for allowing me to capture this.  And Arlene, GREAT JOB on the wedding planning!  You were by far the best wedding planner I’ve worked with!

Anyhoo, enough of me talking up a storm again…. here are the photos!

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  1. Hänni Says:

    Love the photo display and of course, as always, the photographs themselves are spectacular.

  2. reena Says:

    nice photos hino!! =D u captured the moments well!!

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