Northern Virginia Wedding Photographer: Guldar & Rashi

Arlington VA — It took three days of nonstop photojournalism to capture all of Guldar & Rashi’s wedding. From the Bride’s Mendhi and the Groom’s Haldi, in addition to both a Sikh and Hindu ceremony we captured so much culture, art, dancing, food, color, and most importantly, family! I learned so much about their culture and we only had 3 days!

Big Thanks to Alyssa YM and Wade C for all their help in helping me capture this gorgeous wedding! I couldn’t have done it without you guys! ;)

Enjoy the moments!

7 Responses

  1. G Says:

    Thanks so much Hino, you really captured it all!

  2. Hanni Says:

    Hino these are so wonderful! It brought back so many memories. Rashi and G–you look gorgeous!

  3. BLN Says:

    Wonderful work!!! You covered it all!!!

  4. Trisha Cranor Says:

    These look great!!! What a fun wedding!! Rashi & G you look stunning! It was pleasure to work with all of you!

    Working Brides

  5. DR Says:

    I don’t think there’s enough color in these photos. JK! Good job Hino!!!

  6. Pete Says:

    Good coverage indeed, my friend.

  7. minhTfresh Says:

    Congrats! The pictures look really good.

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